Class BootstrapObjectGenerator

  extended byorg.dellroad.jc.BootstrapObjectGenerator

public class BootstrapObjectGenerator
extends Object

Used to pre-generate ELF object files for classes that JC itself uses to generate ELF object files. This class is meant to be executed as a separate process, typically using a JVM other than JC.

Method Summary
static void main(String[] args)
          Generate JC ELF object files for one or more classes.
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Method Detail


public static void main(String[] args)
Generate JC ELF object files for one or more classes. This class is intended for use in two cases:


java org.dellroad.jc.BootstrapObjectGenerator [-classpath dir1:dir2:...] [-srcpath dir1:dir2:...] [-objdir objdir] [-incdir dir] [-f] [-g] [-N] pattern ...

ELF objects are (re)generated for all classes found in the classpath specified by -classpath (or the java.class.path system property if no -classpath flag is given) that match any of the given patterns. A pattern is either a class name, or a package name followed by a period and then one or two asterisks. One asterisk matches all classes in the package, two matches all classes in the package and all subpackages. For example, java.util.List, java.util.*, and java.util.**. Slashes may be used instead of periods and percent signs may be used instead of asterisks.

Objects stored in the directory hierarchy whose root is specified by -objdir flag (default current working directory). As a convenience feature, if -objdir specifies a search path, the first directory in the path is used. Intermediate C source and header files are searched for in the search path specified by -srcpath and those newly created (as necessary) are stored under the first component directory of -srcpath. If no -srcpath is given, "." is assumed. -incdir tells where the JC include files live.

If the -f flag is given, then all ELF object files are regenerated even if a seemingly valid ELF file already exists.

If the -g flag is given, then support for Java source code line numbers in stack traces is included.

If the -N flag is given, only the source files are generated; C compilation is not done and no ELF objects are created.

The jc.verbose.gen system property, if equal to true, enables progress reports to standard output. Set via the -Djc.verbose.gen=true VM command line flag.

This class uses the JCObjectGenerator class to generate ELF objects.

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